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The Star/The Looker
The Star- words and music by Emily Holt 1985
Chorus:Could I really have the honor and the privilege tonight to walk with you tonight, to talk with you tonight?
Are you a dream or are you real? Fantasies unwind, shadows cloud my mind,
Big or small, in peoples' eyes you surely are a star.
1) Seeing you on stage my eyes are fixed. I'm in a trance. To me you are a star. I think of nothing else,
Infatuation, I'm in the clouds. Can I come down to earth?
2) Is it true what people think? Their thoughts run through my mind. Do you really have a friend
In each and every town or am I just another man? Do I really stand a chance?
3) Listening to you sing takes me places I've never been before. What is it about music
That makes people fall in love? A language of love from God-without it all life would cease.
Ending: Rid your mind of your fantasies. We're all Gods' children, you and I.
Created equal in his sight. No one's any better, not you or I. Each one of us a star in Gods' own eyes.
The Looker- words and music by Emily Holt 2002
Chorus:You captured my eye. Then you captured my dreams. It could be that you'll capture my soul.
It's love that jingles off the glasses on the bar and dances 'round the room to the beat of the band.
1) Your deep blue eyes and the darkness of your hair set off that pretty face. And the way you dance
Across the floor accentuates your body. You're a "looker" that's for sure, but underneath it all
Seems to be a gentle mind and a matching heart that's kind.
2) Do I see what I want or do I see what is real? Can you read my eyes? If only I could have you,
But the timing is not right. If only you would want me would fate take hold tonight?
Those eyes could melt away all my doubts and fears.
Bridge:I was singing from the stage when you distracted my mind. Yes, you stood out in the crowd.
Then I was blinded by the lights. So for now I'll go on dreaming, but I wanted you to know that...Chorus
Ending:Rid your mind of your fantasies, God's already in your soul. That love's not true without his love,
But with his blessings it could be real. Each one of us a looker in God's own eyes.

Short Song Description:
The Star is about how people falsely idolize performers on stage and The Looker is about a performers' thoughts watching someone on the dance floor. The songs remind us that all of us are "stars" & "lookers" in God's eyes.
Lyric Credits: Emily Holt
Music Credits: Emily Holt
Producer Credits: The Holt Twins
Performance Credits: TwinSister
Song Length: 7:32
Primary Genre: Rock-Classic
Secondary Genre: Rock-Progressive Rock
Tempo / Feel: Multiple Tempos
Lead Vocal: Mixed Vocals
Subject Matter 1: Musician
Subject Matter 2: Life
Similar Artist 1: Heart
Similar Artist 2: Toto
Language: English